Unanswered Questions

Descendants of John Burnett 1st and Lucretia

John Burnett 1st was born abt. 1629

Updated 27 Oct 2020

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There is so much to learn about this family since the previously published research has been proven false.  In some ways it is exciting and in other ways very daunting, but it is a challenge the project wants to undertake.  We welcome everyone to this group to help solve the many puzzles ahead. 

There is a Burnett Facebook page where Burnett information from all branches is posted.  If you would like to join that here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/208317149732720 .  There is also a Burnett Ancestor Project at GEDmatch where you can upload your Ancestry, 23 and me or Family Finder data to check for matches to the Burnetts.

1.     What is John Burnett I birth location and who are his parents?

2.     What is Lucretia’s maiden name and who are her parents?

3.     Son Thomas Jr had 2 sons, John, and Thomas (his son Thomas was the one who died in 1749 with the will).  Who was John and where are his descendants?

4.     Lots of questions about grandson Charles Burnett II, current research shows that he had 2 sons Joseph and Richard. Who are their descendants? Some seemed to have gone to Buckingham County VA. Only YDNA testing will solve this issue as Buckingham County VA was a complete burn county.

5.     Who are the Burnetts in Henry County VA, Patrick County VA, and Pittsylvania County VA? They have been incorrectly attached to wrong families by previous published research.  YDNA testers are needed to sort out these counties as we know there are at least 3 different Burnett YDNA lines in these areas

6.     Jeremiah Burnett born 1718 did not exist and records not belonging to him were credited to him by previously published books.  Where do the sons attributed to this Jeremiah really belong?

7.     What YDNA lines belong to the Burnetts who moved to TN, KY, IN, AR, MO, MS, TX etc and how do they connect?

8.     How does Abraham Weekes who brought John Burnett I to the colonies relate to John or does he?

9.     How does Abraham Weekes relate to the ancient Y12 DNA Weekes match to the Burnetts or does he?

10.  How do we change the narrative that is all over the internet for John so that his descendants recognize his true beginnings, what he sacrificed when he left everything behind, and what he built when he arrived in the colonies?

We can use your help is solving these questions and the many more that are out there, help us research, get a relative who is a male Burnett to YDNA test, or help us spread the truth about John by reading the research paper and changing your ancestry trees to match his story.  Any little bit helps move the project forward.