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Descendants of John Burnett the Ist and Lucretia

John Burnett was born abt. 1629

Updated 27 Oct 2020

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The purpose of this project is to use YDNA testing to identify the Descendants and Ancestors of John and Lucretia Burnett of Essex County Virginia. Published research on this couple and their descendants has been around for decades and it is mostly incorrect.  These problems in the previously published research were found by using documents that were readily available when that research was published.

By redoing that research, we have learned that John Burnett was an industrious young Englishman who was determined to have a better life for himself.  John was willing to be an indentured servant for 3 years so that he could come to the colonies and start his life in the new world.  Landownership in England was for the titled.  John was determined to make his own way in the world, he served his 3 years as an indentured servant and when he finished, he bought land, married Lucretia (Maiden Name Unknown) and started a family.  His family owned that land for the next 90 years.  John Burnett is one of the people who embody what this country is all about.  To set out on your own, work hard and follow your dreams.

People researching this family have chased after the Scottish Burnett House of Leys connection (which does not exist), thinking this royal connection makes them proud to be a descendant.  We can say we are MUCH PROUDER of this John whose courage and initiative are the attributes this country was founded on.

There is one very credible lead on John’s origins that is under investigation.  There is a very ancient Y12 DNA match with a Weekes tester whose has primary source paperwork stating his ancestor died in Devon England.

The full research paper for John and Lucretia Burnett not being connected to the House of Leys in Scotland can be found on the Burnett Primary Sources Tree in John’s Gallery (See lineages for link to tree) or at Wikitree at this link.  . This fully documented research paper is also available at the Essex County Historical Society and has been sent to the LDS library in Utah and Library of Virginia.

If your lineage goes back to Jeremiah Burnett I, born 1718 – It is extremely important that you have a male relative with the last name of Burnett take a Y37 DNA test to find out IF and HOW you connect to John and Lucretia Burnett. That Jeremiah was NOT the son of John Burnett and Amy Gatewood and as there is no evidence that he existed. The sons attributed to Jeremiah are 2 completely different YDNA lines and are sons of other Burnetts.

A research paper about Jeremiah with primary source documentation is on the Burnett Primary Sources Tree and it can also be found on Wikitree at this link